Are You Single??? If So Then Can We Mingle??? (^.^)

**** This group is mainly for those fun seeking people who wants to find love, make new friends, exchange numbers and so on..
The rules are quite simple. Which are>>>>
* You are not allowed to force any particular person to carve for your attention if he/she does not give any interest in you. Give it a damn and try your luck on someone else.
*The one's who favours racism shall be banned permanently from this group without any excuse.
*No members of this group is allowed to upload any pronographic related materials. Strictly prohibited.
*Spamming will not be tolerated in any case.
* Any member who fails to abide by those above mention rules will be terminated from this group.
Have fun being a member of this group, if you faces any sort of problem in this group, you are redirected to report the matter to the fellow admins which are>>>>*Aseto Gothicx* *Along Gothz VIII* *Speechless Imcha Imchen*