Lloydminster and area buy & sell, Everything but clothing

NO SPAMMERS.. if you are NOT from the LLOYDMINSTER area... I WILL NOT AD YOU.. please message me if you need to discuss this :)
Please be patient with being "added", I am a stay at home mom to 3, it may take a day or three.. family first.. once again, concerns can be addressed for this as well.
NO CLOTHING ADS.. WILL BE DELETED ASAP.. includes, shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, for ANY age group..
NO BUSINESS ads on the wall.. use the file tabs.. and I am working on a better system, hopefully coming soon!
Please be kind to everyone.. state the location, condition, price and whether or not its a hold item, or first come first serve..

I will DELETE or BAN you for repeat posts against group rules.. also for putting comments on posts that are rude, de-meaning, or anything that is determined by ME that you can not be an adult, and keep comments to yourself that should be.. 0 tolerance for bullying..