ok, so i started a group for stephaniesĭd (pop-noir band from asheville) fans in nyc! i did this because i want to have a way to communicate with you guys altogether and directly, and get to know you a lot better than when we just tell you about a show, play it, and leave town. ALSO - we want to do some cool stuff with you - like little surprises, art assignments, or, you know... i just want to be able to chat, ok? we're coming to play in staunton in april! and i don't want to risk being strangers again when we get there. FB has gotten tight on letting pages actually communicate with fans - so you're probably not getting many of our posts anyway, and this workaround is rockin', at least for some of the other cities we've been playing - so thanks for joining and being part of the family (or at least joining because you don't want to be shown up by another city). the ĭd is back in full swing, our brand new rippin' album is going to press any minute, and our first shows since the hiatus have been more connective and full of love than EVER. can't wait to see you in april. fyi, this is a closed group (you've all been invited by us) -- please help us spread the word to other staunton area fans (we literally can't see a list of our fans on facebook - no bands can --, so we don't even know) - send people a link to the group, and they can join really easily. xo, and can't wait to sing for you in april at baja bean (exact date TBA)!!!!!!!!! steph