Wisconsin Shelter Share

This group is intended to provide a community "bulletin board" for Wisconsin shelters and rescues, to post dog and cat food and supplies (e.g., collars, leashes, treats, pet shampoo, kitty litter, etc.) that are either needed or available to share with others. Please begin your post with either "AVAILABLE" or "NEEDED", and in your post include your location along with your e-mail contact information and/or your phone number so that other members can contact you directly to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery.

In addition to helping each other here in Wisconsin, our rescue (which is located just outside of Madison) has storage room, and we are trying to collect up supplies, treats, toys, rawhides, etc. to send off--on a regular supply transport--to a number of pounds and rescues "down south" who do not even have the basic necessities--blankets, towels, collars, etc. If you know of a group or facility like this who needs our help (or if you have any ideas re: how we might be able to transport supplies to them) your ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated!

NOTE: Please keep your post current by indicating when you no longer need (or have available) the items you posted. Otherwise, if your post does not stay current, after a reasonable length of time, it will be deleted.