Lorain County's OTHER online garage sale

This group is to sell your unwanted items EXCEPT what is listed below.
NO animals or pets of any kind
NO opened, cooked, or refrigerated/frozen foods ( I would prefer acceptable foods to be listed as free so we know your not using your food stamps to buy to resell the food )
NO spam garbage
NO drugs or prescription type drugs
NO broken items unless listed in your description
NO illegal items
NO stolen items
NO guns, unless seller is a licensed dealer and all laws of gun trading are followed. There are other sites for guns at random.

( updates expected )

When listing an item, if these simple listing rules are not followed your listing will be removed without notice! Your listing MUST include.
*Clear picture
*Pickup Location
*Asking price
*Electronics, power tools, cellphones, video games, TV's, ect. must have a picture listed with the serial numbers to provide to authorities if needed to ensure we are not selling and buying stolen items. ( this is to protect the buyer and the seller )

Sellers, After your item has sold please comment SOLD!

Not a RULE, but out of respect to the buyer and seller, I would like the buyer and seller to take a few seconds to comment on the listing and leave feedback on how there trade went and if both are satisfied as a buyer and seller. This will only help us all out as buyers and sellers.

I will not tolerate any bashing, harassing, disrespect, or lies of any type! If you see something that you do not like the price or description or is not allowed please just tag me in the listing and let me take care of it, do not start an argument with the seller or buyer. I do not care if someone buys something from you at a low price and then resells it at a higher price, you are your own seller set your asking price. Business' buying and selling are OK with me, just if you are a business buying something to resell please don't harass the seller to sell at a low ball price. If these simple rules are not followed your item will be deleted without notice and possible removal from this group! You as a seller and You as a buyer take all responsibility to trade, buy or sell and follow all laws! Buyers and sellers take all responsibility to agree on meeting location to trade. Trade safely!

( updates expected )

Please respect each other as a buyer and a seller!