Avonmore Sq - Brew Kettle

This group is to keep track of who is brewing what and who has claimed a share in the making of these brews. Please specify just how much you are brewing (35 or 50L), the type of beer and any special things done for the batch (I try to use spring water from Durham 23 for my batches).

50L / 3 = 16.6L each or 33 500ml bottles
50L / 4 = 12.5 or 25 500ml bottles
50L / 5 = 10 or 20 500ml bottles

Address: 282 Monarch Ave,
Ajax, ON
L1S 2G6
Phone:(905) 619-0633

Bottle Prices @ 2014/08/20:
500ml Bottle: 0.60
1L Bottle: 1.10

You are responsible for your own bottles and will be responsible for paying your share of the beer made. This is a group effort not a business venture so, I do not wish to see any indication that someone is profiting form this or that they are or intend upon selling any share of what they take home. Anyone posting anything about the business of making beer will have the posts deleted. If they persist in such topics, they will be removed from the group.

Posting comments regarding the cost of a specific batch on a proportion basis or calculating a per bottle cost is allowed given that part of the reason for this group is to provide clarity on volumes being shares and associated costs of these batches. Again, you are responsible for your own bottles.

Lets work together in enjoying the beer made. Share the batches as evenly as possible and work with each other. If you are left out of a batch, do not take it as an affront upon your being. No one person should be given the privilege or right to be part of every batch.

Post and enjoy.