Connecting the Bosconian students, -THE BOSCONIAN EDUCATIVE- was created on March 2012 with an aim to establish a network to connect with fellow friends from different class to share ideas, thoughts, news etc and to help each other grow.

A set of rules have been framed to ensure constructive discussion without hurting the sentiment of another fellow .

Here is the Editorial Policy of the group:

1) Every member of THE BOSCONIAN EDUCATIVE is equal. Discrimination and underestimation based on educational qualification, profession, religion, age, gender, place of birth etc will not be entertained whatsoever.

2) Direct accusations and personal attacks are strictly prohibited.

3) Indecent and vulgar posts (both pictoral and content) are not allowed.

4) Any post that can incite hatred and rivalry among the members will not be entertained.

6) Vulgar words are not allowed in the forum.

7) Racial discrimination strictly prohibited.

8) Sensitive news without reliable source and evidence will not be allowed.

9) Admins should be neutral in their approach while taking part in the discussion.

10) Members may report if any admin do not adhere to the Editorial Policy of the forum. If the complain is found genuine, such individual will be warned and then stripped off admin
power if they repeatedly break the Editorial Policy of the forum.

Discretionary power of the admins :
Admins are like any other member of the forum and the Editorial Policy applies to them too. However, they have a few discretionary powers to ensure smooth and healthy functioning of the forum.

Discretionary powers:
* Admins have the power to bandh any member of the group if they think certain members are behaving or going against the interest of the members of the group. However, admins cannot bandh a member whatsoever without prior warning.

NOTE: Suggestions that will enhance the
standard of the forum are always welcome.

Admin - Rσηαldσmυση M Gαηgтε