Cambodia Arowana Group ( ក្រុមអ្នកស្រលាញ់ត្រីនាគ )

Welcome to Cambodia Arowana Group :

- This group is open to all Arowana lovers,Flowerhorn lovers Other fresh water fish lovers, hobbyists, newbie's, pro's & last but not least Arowana fanatics.

- Please do not start fights conflicts with other members of the group & do not discuss other groups in a bad manner.

- Doing so will result in your removal from this group, you will only be warned once.

- Learn to respect others in order to gain respect.

- Feel free to chat, share knowledge, post pictures, medication, inquiry & Arowana's.

- Above all have fun here & enjoy your stay with us.

** Strictly Forbidden **
1. Politics.
2. About the split of the group.
3. All kinds of illegal activities.

*** Whoever violates, disrespect the administrator will be block out of the group immediately.***

Best regard,
Admin: Na Sopich