Cameroon Pace Setters Vision 2018 !

PACE SETTERS VISION 2018, is a team of dynamic and charismatic youths committed in setting the pace in nation building in Cameroon. These setters; including you have a new dream and direction for a Cameroon that will meet up with the hope and aspirations of all political, economic, socio-cultural actors. We compose of all political actors and civil societies; with no personal but a common interest-- of a Cameroon that is free of Injustice, marginalization, nepotism, tribalism corruption and suppression.
A Cameroon, of equal opportunities for all; irrespective of: your region, language or ethnicity. A heaven; of its own and emerging giant in Africa. We’re the only ones to right the wrongs of our fathers. We either do this or take our own blames for doing nothing when we had this chance. Take the challenge today---Be a Pace Setter!