Central Oklahoma home based businesses

We want two kinds of people.
1. You must Own a Legit Home ...Based Business and live in Central Oklahoma. You may advertise your Products Here.
2. Consumers who are looking to support Home Based Businesses instead of the chains or big box stores. You may join the business or be a consumer.

Starting a new group for home based businesses in Central Oklahoma to advertise their products and be connected to their consumers. Let's support our Home Based Businesses instead of the chain and big box stores. Good luck home based business and happy shopping for the consumers.

Administrators are not responsible for transactions, any discrepancies must be settled between seller and buyer. Use common sense and meet in public place or when products are mailed, please use PayPal for your protection. Thanks!

Rules: Just 2 so far. It must be a home based business. In other words, you work predominantly from your home selling products or services. Must be from Central Oklahoma.

One more: There are so many tragedies and great causes to share and should be shared on everyone's Facebook page. But, I would prefer we stick to home based businesses in this group. Thanks Please keep this in mind in future postings.

Okay just one more: Limit posts to 2 items per day & only bump posts once every 48 hours! Just to make it fair for everyone.

Let's make this a great group! Of course no profanity, slandering, threats or drama. You know how to conduct yourselves.