Cohocton News & Events

This Facebook Group is to complement the existing "I love Cohocton, NY" Group. This Group is a place for anyone to post announcements, news, local events, etc. While the previous Group is geared just for reminiscing about the good ol' days or catching up with friends. Please do not silicate your business here (if you are a NEW business in Cohocton or if your business is having an Event, you may post a one-time announcement). This Group is to inform what people don't know. But no one wants to be inundated with advertisements.

Please keep in mind that everyone here must be respectful to one another! No gossiping, bashing, or negativity allowed! This is a place for you to make announcements or gather info about the going-ons in and around the awesome town of Cohocton, NY!

If you break the guidelines, your post will be removed.