Colorado Models

COLORADO Models: the ((#1)) Platform were the Colorado Fa...shion industry meet..

2. Please take 5 minutes ADD ( Models,Photographers, Makeup and Hair stylist ...etc) to Colorado Models. (thank u)

3. Stay Active.. POST-SHARE-CONNECT ( don't' ever stop)

4. BE POSITIVE (( its just Art))

5. Have FUN (( life's 2 short ))


7 U HAVE A VOICE: FEEL FREE TO CONTACT the admin (leader) of this group : TIM

There are few if any rules here... Keep things professional and post as often as you would like. The idea of this group is to network and get your name and or business out there. Feel free to post links to your websites, fan pages and even upload images. Please be sure to keep the images pertaining to models etc.

In order to keep maintain professionalism please be sure we are maintaining respect for the work of others as well as we are not creating unnecessary drama by posting negative comments or opinions about fellow colleagues.