Cute or Not <3

1. Read theses rules
2. No spamming or posting about similar
3. No hackers
4. Don&#039;t block admins
5. Don&#039;t be creepy
6. Don&#039;t violate facebooks community standards
7. Dont use hate speech
8. No long arguments
9. Posts showing individuals doing something illegal may be deleted
10. No complaining about being in the group or saying you will leave, just leave yourself or message an admin if you have a problem. Posts complaining about the group might either be taken seriously and/or deleted
11. No trolling
12. If we see that you are violating the community standards outside of the group ex: nudes on your account you could get kicked from the group
13. No harassment
14. No nudes/porn

All violators and consequences will be at the descresion of the admins.
If you see a post that violates the community standards report it to an admin and Facebook so we can delete it faster.