COLORADO ONLY Direct Sales/Vendors

This group is about serious Direct Sellers or businesses in COLO...RADO . Professional , Customer Service Oriented, Friendly, And Wiling to be Pro Active...Plan ahead to get the goals they desire with a group of other ladies standing with them! Cheering each other on in life and work! Any complaint can be filed directly with Tiffany or Heather. We do monitor this page closely. No spamming please. Please post only once a day. One more announcement. We do not allow group trains, company of the month, any groups that makes people buy from the admins first before they can "get" sales, or any group that asks it's members to buy from one another in order to post their ad for sales. This is for the protection of the members of this group. These groups can be unreliable because you could do all the right stuff and buy from everyone but when it comes your time there is absolutely no way to enforce people to buy from you. Posting these posts will automatically be deleted and if it is reposted again you will be removed from the group. Thank you for following the rules!!!!