Florida Marine Aquarium Society

The Florida Marine Aquarium Society (FMAS) began 53 years ago as a small group of hobbyists in love with saltwater fish. FMAS is the oldest and currently one of the largest Marine Aquarium Societies in existence. Through the years, it has developed into an organization with an elected Board of Directors and a membership numbering well over 300.

Our general meetings are held at the Environmental Science & Everglades Restoration Magnet Schools a.k.a. South Plantation High School, located at 1300 Paladin Way, Plantation, FL. The general meetings are open to the public and held at 7:15p.m., the fourth Tuesday of every month (except in the summer months when school is not in session). General meetings consist of an educational portion plus a guest speaker on marine-related topics such as: conservation, safety, collecting fish, breeding etc.

FMAS publishes a monthly email newsletter for members which details activities (field trips), items of interest to the Society, informative articles written by Club members, and topics for upcoming meetings. Our library is an educational tool provided for the benefit of our members and contains the latest books, periodicals, and videos on sea life and marine aquariums. These materials are available for home use by all our members.

FMAS holds events and meetings throughout the year open to all marine aquarium hobbyists.

Who are our members? People like you. We come from all walks of life, all ages, shapes, and sizes. We are united by a common interest in and love of marine life and marine aquariums. If you are interested in learning more come visit a general meeting. Our membership size has no limits and no pre-qualifications. Come visit us - we look forward to meeting you!