For sale in Pampa and Surrounding areas

if you are not wanting the item for sale, keep your comments to yourself, only post if you are wanting what's for sale, that simple, no idle chit chat, we want to sell without your unwelcome comments...

Also, do not delete your post only to re-post, if we didn't want it the first time, we certainly don't want it the second time. Everyone has the same right to sell their stuff, no-one has the right to hog this space, if you don't like it, leave at your own free will.

just a reminder, private message people your contact information, not everyone is interested in what you are interested, and we don't want to see it bumped up every time there is a comment, and only bump your own post once every 2 weeks, this will make it pleasant for everyone. PS, these are also the new rules, if you don't like it, don't comment, just leave

Any member can add and approve members, but if you are a spammer, you will see, or not. Potential members need only to submit a request to join the group. To sbmit a request to join simply cut and paste this web address into your web brower:

and you friends who are already in the group can add you to the group. Please keep this group local, NO SPAMMERS, and no businesses, thank you