Job & Volunteer Positions for Residents of Tenterfield/Wallangarra/Jennings

This is a group in which we can share knowledge of job or volunteer positions available for residents in the Tenterfield/Wallangarra/Jennings area.
Many jobs need to be applied for online or through employment agencies. Some jobs are advertised in our local paper but many are passed on by word of mouth. Often when this happens others may not have been given the opportunity to hear about them.
Volunteering is a wonderful avenue for people to contribute to community particularly if they are unable to find work and are feeling discouraged or undervalued. It is also a great way to increase your skills, credibility and is an avenue in which can sometimes lead to paid employment.
I encourage people to post any positions vacant that you know of, businesses may also advertise positions vacant and if you are looking for employment please post on behalf of yourself.

Respect and courtesy are required whilst interacting in this group.