Lebanon and Albany Virtual Garage Sale

Please note: Post will not be approved if they do not list price (no make offers) and location.

1. All items must have a price. OBO is okay but it must list a price first.

2. Please list your location. Buyers need to be able to pick up or meet at sellers requested location. If you do not drive you need to discuss delivery with seller prior.

3. Page will be cleaned every 2 weeks. Photos with no comments or bumps will be deleted.

4. Do not post drama to the wall.

5. Out of courtesy please give buyer 12 hours before moving to next buyer.

6. Buyer must be able to meet within 48 hours once seller has agreed to sale. Life happens and things come up.. but if they come up too often for you, you will be removed. Failure to communicate or not show up will get you pulled from the group.

7. Drama on the wall and no shows will get you removed from the group without warning.

8. I highly recommend an album- especially if you are posting more then 10 pictures.

9. You may bump your item once a day and bump up to 5 items per day to the wall.

10. It is your job to remove your post once your item sells. Or comment with "sold" so I can remove for you.

11. Monday you are free to advertise for your group, organization, at home business or what not and need to be deleted by 8 a.m. Tuesday. All other days....NO SPAM- not at home business unless your selling your product- but no reference to your business what so ever.

12. As always- buy with caution. As a seller you are responsible to list the condition of the item and be honest! If buyer arrives to purchase and item is not as described you could be removed from the group.

13. NO DUPLICATE PHOTOS. Please just bump your listings- I will remove both photos if they are duplicated.

14. NO stock photos. Buyers want to see the actually item they are agreeing to buy.

I will not tolerate drama or crap on the page. Keep the page clean- in all manners. Be adults or Be Removed.

Admins are in no way responsible for transactions that occur on the this site.