LG G3 Group - Philippines


Ignorantia juris neminem excusat.

1. Respect each and every single person who are inside of this Group to gain a lot of friends.

2. Our group's WALL is open for random topics. You can post any significant topics you prefer but please, be cautious and check the words on your post all the time as the Administrators in this group will monitor your post and can be modified anytime or hence, may be deleted.

3. Avoid flooding of posts. Hence, you can just update your recent post by typing at your own comment. You may also refer to the Threads created in this group, and for any posts that are not posted on the current available threads will be deleted with or without prior notice to the thread starter.

4. Avoid spamming, trolling, cursing, blaming and fighting each other in an inappropriate manner. Personal arguments should be done by sending PMs to both, or else you may be warned and kicked here immediately.

5. Feel free to ask any questions regarding LG's Android Development, Android Mods, Android tools, Android Q&A, Android Accessories or any kind of discussions related to all or any Android Handsets.

6. OFF-TOPIC posts, concerns, questions and suggestions should indicate an [Off-Topic] Tag or in any form before each post regarding non-Android/LG G3 and development topics. Habitual violators will be warned. We also have created an 'Off Topic' Thread so please post all your Off-Topic posts to that thread.

7. Avoid using this group for your own personal interest. This will serve as a serious to grave offense/violation against us. You'll get the flow.

Please cooperate and follow our simple rules here so that we may all have a peace of mind. If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to ask the Administrators via PM or mentioning/ tagging their names on our group's wall.