LIFT - Ladies in France Together

To join the group you need to be FEMALE and living in FRANCE.
Join as yourself NOT a business.
For your request TO BE ACCEPTED we NEED some information to be visible about yourself, on your PROFILE, a PHOTO of yourself and where you are in FRANCE.

If you have any issues joining please message, Alison Braddock

There is the same group but for men, MIFT - here is the link

This is a group for WOMEN of all ages and nationalities to encourage, you to socialise, form friendships and confidently integrate.
This can be from coffee mornings, walks, lunch dates, sports and leisure, hobbies and interests, French English classes and so on.
It is our aim to encourage you to get involved and make connections with other women into the French way of life!

All new members please say and hello and introduce yourself to the group.

We would like to continue the group to promote integration, and social networking. So any events, pamper days, etc please share with the group.

This is not a group for businesses there is a Ladies in Business in France page, where you'll be able to add your business and network from there.

This is not a for sale page, so please dont post adverts for stuff on here, there are many for sale pages for the different areas, ask on the main wall and someone will give you the link to the one nearest you.

If you wish to create and EVENT, please contact one of the four Administrators, who will make you and administrator for the period of the event.

We now have a members map set up on Google to allow us to see where we are based, if you wish to be added please leave message under the docs section and Patricia will add you. This is not public only members of the group have the link.

This group is dedicated to social networking. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than yourself, anyone who persists in misuse of this page will be removed from the group.

Admin Rachel Moon, Zena Sabestini, Alison Braddock, Linda Budd