This is a Family Friendly Group and Yard Sale

All new members are encouraged to read the guidelines, if you have any question's please email any of the Admin and they would be happy to help you.

NO ANIMAL SALES ALLOWED We feel strongly that animals sold as pets should go through a much different process when sold and bought then this group can provide.

Bumping: is allowed under these guidelines, the entire album must be bumped not each individual item in the album, You may only bump the album once every 3 days, any earlier and the item will be deleted.

Please give as much information as you can when you first post your item, brief description of item, price, location etc. This will save you and the buyer time and help sell your items much faster.

If a price is posted and someone wants to buy it for that price and can make arrangements for a transaction to happen, please consider the item sold and post that sale is pending.

Bidding wars are not acceptable on the page..the bidders will be deleted !!

If a seller states the price is Firm, do not ask the seller to take less for that item. When the seller is willing to take less he or she will post the new price.


If you have more than 3 items, you must create an album.

If you are posting from a cell phone that does not allow you to create an album then please limit your posted items to 3 a day

Commenting on someones post as to where they can get the item cheaper, or you do not think their item is worth what they are asking is not permitted. If you do not like the price, please keep scrolling, even if what you want to say may be true..It is better to not say anything at all.

If you have NO intention on purchasing an item please do not comment on their item. It is the sellers responsibility to provide accurate information about the item being sold not the groups or an individual.

Suggestions are encouraged and always welcome.