Let's Talk ama Sampo-Chililabombwe

Welcome to the Chililabombwe version of the biggest business Zam...bian forum online. A place to buy and sell all manner of products and services with the most competitive prices and lot's of saving and access to mass potential customers to make anyone's business flourish. For companies and businesses, the forum to get in touch with existing and potential customers who are ready to give both negative and positive feedback to make your organisation develop more progressively and rapidly at levels almost unimaginable.

Free advertising and more Saving for the average person and a fee to all business entities seeking to get known in Zambia. Simply Post whatever you're selling or Want to buy and you get almost instant feedback. However, please note that all items to be traded must be legally accepted in Zambia and don't violate any Laws in the constitution. Also, members must observe high business ethics and relate professionally with other members in the pursuit to make sales and buy goods and services. Failure to comply to these basic regulations will permit the administrators of the group to terminate the membership of any such member defaulting.

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