Liberia's Health & Wellness Network

Mission Statement: This group was formed to create a network of organizations, doctors, healthcare officials and individuals who are dedicated to identifying and find ways to improve Liberia’s healthcare system.

Introduction: The purpose of this group is to bring together those deeply concerned about Liberia’s healthcare system and are dedicated to creating a united network to create positive changes through advocacy and working together. Though there has been some improvements with Liberia’s healthcare system with infrastructural additions and some regulations, there still remains great challenges in the many areas including proper patient care, regulatory and accountability reviews, adequate medical equipment and many more. In 2012 a presentation by Mr. C. Sanford Wesseh, Assistant Minister of Vital Statistics, identified the challenges listed below in operation planning in Liberia’s healthcare system:
• Limited capacity at all levels to analyze and develop operational plans (e.g., targets setting)
• Limited resources at the disposal of the CHT to implement previous Plans de-motivate staff to vigorously Participate
• Developing a culture of planning and budgeting still remains a challenge
• Developing realistic operational plans
• Ownership of counties operation plans is “undefined”
• Gathering revenue and expenditures information (eg: drugs and medical supplies, etc) is very difficult
These and other identified challenges before and after the outbreak of Ebola must be assessed and Liberians take part in identifying, assessing and working together to solve these and other challenges.
Liberians did not have a platform to express their frustrations and advocate for positive change within their healthcare system. Since the outbreak of Ebola, our healthcare system has been exposed to the world as being inadequate and unable to contain this outbreak and effectively care for its citizens. Many families experience the pain and frustrations of having loved ones fall victims to the disconnected healthcare system in Liberia. We must in a positive way bring these grievances to light and find ways to work together to solve these problems. Thus this group was created not to politicizing what is going on but to humanize it and bring us all together to have real and productive conversations about how to improve our healthcare system during and after Ebola.