Living Abroad in Naples Italy

THE ORIGINAL GROUP - A networking group and sounding board for people who have lived, are living, or plan to live abroad in Naples, Italy. A way to share the "gouge" on working, eating, drinking, traveling and surviving in Italy. WE DO NOT ALLOW POSTINGS FOR PERSONAL BUSINESSES, ITEMS FOR SALE OR REAL ESTATE POSTINGS.

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Group Guidelines 1. Please be courteous and respectful when posting. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. 2. Do not advertise your businesses or professional services. You can post ONCE in the businesses document attached as a file (see FILES tab at top) 3. This is NOT a sounding board to "call out" people or to complain about military-related issues such as base living, the DoDEA schools/teachers, or military-issued rules and procedures. Instead, please seek out appropriate officials. 4. Do not slander people. Abusive language will not be tolerated, and cyber-bullies will be permanently banned from the group. 5. We suggest first searching topics using the search function found in the upper, right corner. Many questions have been previously answered. 6. Please share, ask-away, and help everyone not only survive, but THRIVE in Bella Napoli!