London Movement for Wellbeing-Mind-Body talks, Events
welcome to group of wonderf...ul positive community.

Do you want to participate in talks that are purpose driven and engaging. we run talks about personal development, physiology, business and more.

here are the reasons why you should join our talks

1. Meet and network with like-minded people ( progressive, creative, hope-driven, courageous)

2. Get to hear some of the best speakers from different backgrounds

3. join an environment that will support your personal growth

4. All events are expertly organised

This meet up is about self growth in different parts of our life it can be their mental,spiritual,financial,emotional and physical growth,At each event we are going to invite speakers to come and talk about a topic of their choice.

The topics include positive thinking, NLP, business, hypnosis and meditation, overcoming stress, financial freedom,self development and more.

it is my intention to create this group is to Empowering others and connecting like minded people and learn new things.
after the talk there is chance to chat and meet with all the attendees in a pub. If you are interested in self growth and psychology and also enjoy meeting and socialise with like minded people, then this group is for you.

continuity of practice is the secret of success.

Join our community: