Lost and Found Pets Barbados

This group has been started with the intention of reuniting lost pets with their owners as its sole focus.

It has replaced the previous group called The Dog Found - Barbados which shall be retained only for reference purposes where persons are looking for a lost pet. All new posts must however be placed on this page only.

If you have lost a pet then we encourage you to post a photo and a description of your pet. It would be helpful to state where and when the pet was lost as well as contact information should it be found or should there be any sightings.

Similarly, if a pet has been found and appears to be genuinely lost, rather than just deliberately abandoned or abused and/or neglected, please state where and when it was found with a description of the pet and post a photo if possible. It would be helpful to keep some information private to prevent it from being taken by persons falsely claiming to be the owners.

Consideration should be given to the following points when describing pets except where information is being deliberately withheld: a) Description of the coat and any special characteristics or features. b) Has it been spayed or neutered? c) Description of the collar if any. d) Information on tags if any. e) Disposition of the pet e.g. friendly, nervous etc. f) Approximate size/weight. g) Age if known e.g. young dog/cat, puppy/kitten, senior etc. h) Name of the pet if they are likely to respond.

Persons are asked to kindly monitor their posts and remove it if the pet or the owner has been found or no longer being sought. If the administrators have requested an update and none is received after one week then the post will be removed.

Kindly take note of the following rules:

1) This page is not to be used as a rehoming page except in special circumstances where approval from the administrators of this page is required prior to posting.

2) This page is not to be used as a discussion forum for animal matters or for adding interesting posts pertaining to animals since this will hinder the process intended. The following page can be used for this purpose: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193985847456522/

3) Please desist from making unnecessary comments such as "shared", "poor soul" etc. Restrict comments to those that are going to be helpful in some way so that a particular post is not stuck at the top of the page to the disadvantage of others.

4) No disrespectful comments will be allowed. Comments considered by the administrators to be inappropriate, in poor taste or insensitive will be deleted. Repetition of such comments will result in persons being blocked.