LuLaRoe Catherine Moller

Like all of you I wear many hats. I am a mom to two young kids (...Liam, 4 and Danica, 1), a wife, work full time outside the home, and am active in my community. This is all fulfilling but I started getting to a point where I was so busy serving everyone else, I stopped doing things for myself.

One day a friend invited me to an online party and I went. I was so focused on thinking I had nothing to lose that I never even gave a thought to how much I could gain. During that party I connected with people who wanted to get to know me for me - not me as someone who could do something for them. I started to care about myself again. I was also introduced to clothes that I liked to look at, that I loved to wear, and that made me feel as unique on the outside as I am on the inside.

I want to provide that gift to each of you. I want you each to remember you should feel good about your body and how you look. You need to do something that is just for you. You have the right to feel connected to other women who have similar journeys and others with completely different ones. You need to be sure you don't lose focus on you while wearing your many hats. I am here to help remind you of that and hope you will each continue to remind me as well all while looking and feeling fabulous.