Teacher Stuff ~ Sell~Swap~Give McKinney/Frisco/Allen

This group is for anyone in the McKinney, Frisco, Allen area to buy, sell, trade, or give away teacher and classroom items you no longer need or use. Please add your local teacher friends!! Please post items you could donate to a teacher in need, and group members who know a specific teacher will have the opportunity to bless someone!

Please please follow these procedures to ensure we have an awesome functioning site:

*If you are selling an item, pick up must be in McKinney, Frisco, or Allen- or you must be willing to meet in one of those areas.*

1. When you post your item, please include a picture, a description of the item, item price, and where you live/teach.
2. When discussing pick up, please do so via private messaging so the item that is sold does not keep bumping to the top (tip- the message may be hidden in that person's 'other' messages folder. Tag them with a comment in the thread to let them know to check it)
3. You MAY post business opportunities if they are teacher related. As always, admin has the right to delete anyone who abuses this privilege.
4. Last but VERY important, please delete every item once it is sold. If you can't delete right away, mark as SOLD and delete as soon as you can.

Many swap sites have become bogged down with rules and regulations, especially concerning how long a seller must wait on a buyer. Our site is based on common sense and respectful interactions between buyer and seller. Buyers should do their best to work with the seller as much as reasonably possible. Buyers should be respectful of the seller's time and pass if they are not able to pick up an item within the seller's stated time frame. We do not have specific rules regarding time limits, because some people have more time and flexibility than others. If you are in a hurry to sell an item, make that clear in your original post so that a buyer does not feel slighted if they are passed over. I am happy to report that so far, this site has been drama free! Yay for teachers!

Admins are Rachel Wester, Susan Gregorash, and Alejandra Ybarra. Feel free to contact us with any issues- we don't have any liability for problems encountered, but we will do our best to help (please remember that we created this site to bless others and we are volunteers!)

Following the above will make it easier for everyone to buy, sell, or give!