Memories Wedding Planner-By Eng.Mai Taha

Memories are so Precious,especially when its the most special day in your life,thats why we Memories Wedding Planning group offer you an amazing taste for your special day !
We Memories crew and Wedding Planner Mai Taha do our best to give you an Imaginarium of creativity as we offer young creative ideas and newest styles with unbelievable prices!!
Plus our Large Hard-working Staff who do their best to put a smile on your face and please you and your guests.
We got a huge collection of Themes e.g :- Beach Wedding,Classic,Black & White Oldies etc. we also are always ready for all different of events such as Meetings,Important Events,Birthdays,Conferences,engagements and all kinds of Events !
We got all Kinds of Settings ex: High Tables,Square tables,Loungies etc.
Also we afford you a miscellaneous Collection of CenterPieces,Kosha,entrances,Signature Table,Seat Coverings etc with new Ideas to fit your suggestions.

Give us the Honor and share your special day with Us..thanks :D

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