LuLaRoe Pop-Up with Erin Marie

Join us RIGHT here in this group on June 14th, at 7 PM EST for a... fun filled, fast action, online clothes shopping experience! If this is your first time hearing about LuLaRoe you are in for a treat!!

Your hostesses are Emily Mohn, Brittany Humphrey and Kati Riester!

LuLaRoe is a clothing company which offers super cute, vibrant women’s fashion in styles that are flattering on every body type and so comfortable to wear! The clothes make so many of us feel beautiful; I absolutely love them.

The patterns are limited and only 2500 pieces are produced in each print. If you see something you love, claim it!! You may not see it again and chances of me getting a duplicate in the same style, pattern and size are extremely rare. This adds to the uniqueness of each garment and something that makes LuLaRoe so special.

Every week we receive new patterns/prints/colors in a variety of styles and sizes to add to our inventory. We host weekly sales in our VIP Facebook Group and would be thrilled to have you join us there for even more shopping fun!

VIP group link:

Thank you SO much for your business and happy shopping!!

- Erin Marie