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RULES: ***Sailor Moon And Anime Related Content***

1.- credit to each its own fanart **if you can remember** posted as a comment, uncredited fanart Well just say " credit to the original owner"

2.- It's an auto ban of you block us admins its hard for us to help you when you have us blocked on behalf fans of SailorMoon and respect towards this site or the Senshi will punish you severely

3.- Cussing can't be posted, not Hentai /Nude of any type is allowed.

4.- Only post Sailor Moon related, if not it will be remove and cleansed by they five Bishojo Senshi and a notice will be sent via PM.

5.No Drama Senshi's already Work over time with schoolwork and Fighting The Youma So keep The Drama at a limit.

6. R e s p e c t O t h e r s!

7.Topics stay to one topic , Any Questions Ask a Admin that's why we are here.

8, ( NEW OPTION - We now aloud a Posting for selling Sailor Moon items on your own risky terms ) <---NEW

** no spoiler alerts 2 day period till u can give thoughts about the new episode**