ASL Vegan-Vegetarian Unity

American Sign Language (ASL) Vegan-Vegetarian Unity group is for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing with ASL-Deaf-friendly where we help promote the Cause of Veganism, Vegan philosophy, and Vegan lifestyle. Any contributions relevant to these topics are welcome such as pictures, videos, awesome plant-based recipes, success stories, vegan shopping, SOS assistance, helpful information, etc.

This group was founded in October 2010 by Sandy Graham.

ASL Vegans & Vegetarians: Conduct and Posting Guidelines
• Show respect to fellow "Vegans and vegetarian" members at all times
• Please post a web link to a video with English subtitle or closed captioning (CC) if possible
• No foul language
• No spamming
• No selling or MLM
• No shameless self-promotion
• No posts those are religious in nature (for or against). Respectfully ask that these beliefs are not discussed on the "Vegans" wall, so we can concentrate our love and devotion effectively on Veganism.

These points are not up for discussion, so please if you post something related to the above don't be upset if it is deleted.

Please understand that these guidelines have been created by the admin team in an effort to maintain harmony and constructive debate, something we know you all hold with deep regard. Any questions or concern, please send us private message. We sincerely hope you will enjoy your time here with us

Founder. SANDY GRAHAM. Vegan since April 2010, 4-year lacto-ovo vegetarian in 1979 then 27-year semi-vegetarian, strong eco-friendly environmental & animal lover. BS degree in dietetic (heath, nutrition and science) & completed dietetic internship & became dietitian.

Admin. MARK GAILMOR. Vegan since 1988. Former animal rights activist & still motivated by compassion towards other beings. AA in liberal arts. Currently working on a degree in psychology through Grand Canyon University.