Slidell Area Buy Sell Trade New

This group was created to buy sell and trade in the Slidell area, As well as the entire St Tammany Parish Area. All are welcome to join.

ALL! items listed must state location and information on the item as well as price if applicable.

There is no need to repost the same items you have already posted !!! Use the "search this group" feature (top right under group heading) to find your posts by typing in your name

No Bumping Of posts Before 24 hours has passed from the original post or the last time it was bumped or commented on.

The posting of pets are allowed on here...

If you are listing more than one item please create an album so that not everyones post are getting moved to the bottom....

No drama is allow here..
No posting of firearms
No Commercial business Ad's

This group is a bit different than others.
Lets keep all sales happy sales!!
No vulgar language.

All posts must have a price!! and location, If they don't we may delete the post!

Keep your comments to yourself unless they are about an item and are appropriate.

NO Commercial ad's or get rich schemes, No selling cheap china knock-offs of shoes, watches, handbags, etc...

We reserve the right to request you to edit the post and we reserve the right to delete any post that may be posted here..