Liverpool Fc Fans Club of Mauritius - You'll Never Walk Alone

This group was created in order to give our fans a platform to share their views on Liverpool FC, its players, results and achievements. We welcome constructive arguments on rumors, transfer news and team performances but provided it reflects a mutual respect among fans.

A small effort from us to connect to all Kop fans in Mauritius and around the world. Wherever you come from, whatever you do, whoever you are, none of that matters, as long as your heart beats for our beloved football club.

When we sing the You’ll Never Walk Alone, the players might hear it or not but they all can feel it in their hearts. Their heads are lifted in belief. So C’mon and show your support, as the Kopites of Liverpool, we’ll never let them walk alone.

As the poem goes :
“From Shankly to Rodgers we've followed our team,
Rome to Athens we've all lived the dream,
Our journey is long, but our goal stays the same,
To keep for our children, the famous red name..

"Be it by choice, fate or birth, you become part of this great football club. Rejoice over wins, ruminate over losses, welcome new leaders, mourn those who were lost, anticipate the future, revel in the present. And never, ever walk alone.”

We want to work with the people who love the club. If you have any doubt on Liverpool FC don't worry because you were never a fan to begin with. Born a red and die a red. If you can't support us when we draw or lose, then don't support us when we win.

If you believe in that, then come and join our group of loyal and faithful supporters of Liverpool FC.

“Liverpool was made for us and we were made for Liverpool”

Liverpool isn't just a football club .. Liverpool isn't just a Sports Foundation … Liverpool is simply a phenomenal popularity of the history club it’s achievements will continue ever and for ever.


♥ уOυ'LL ηєvєя ωaLк aLoηє ♥