Ann Arbor Area Mom to Mom Sales

***To those requesting membership, please check your inbox or "other folder" within your inbox for a message from admin Jane (Jane AAmom) or admin Sarah (Sarah AAmom)***

Group is open to any individual in the Ann Arbor, MI area but we do not accept members who don't have a location listed on their profile. PLEASE check your settings to make sure you location info is visible to all -- at least temporarily. We try to limit the area of this group to the Ann Arbor/Washtenaw area so you may not be accepted if you live very far from Ann Arbor.
Those requesting membership are expected to use their legal/given names so our members know who they are doing business with. Those with only a playful name listed, i.e. QueenofherCastle Smith, will not be accepted.

We also do not accept businesses as members.

If you live outside of Washtenaw County and want to sell items on here, we ask you be willing to drive and meet buyers.

Please be fair, honest, and respectful. Post pictures with prices and location (city) of pick up. Please read the rules in the files section. Have fun and good luck selling your gently used items!