CashorTrade: Bruce Springsteen Face Value Tickets

Bruce Springsteen has been one of the most active performers aga...inst ticket scalping over the years. It is only right for us at to honor him and his fans with this group. is the world's first social ticketing platform where fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value.

Please make a post on first, then paste the link here. There is so much gained by using the site. Here is a little list:

Why use CashorTrade?

- shows to 75k+ members on site & app (3000 new each mo.)
- shows in ticket list on 40 partner websites incl. Live For Live Music
- auto-shares to 16k followers on Twitter
- use share text to post to any of our fb groups totaling over 250k

- all discussion is in one place for admin to review
- payment w/ credit card though site with PayPal & credit card for fraud protection
- choose member based on verified info, previous reviews, & verified by credit card identity if gold member.

Gaining reviews for successful trades builds your credibility amongst the face value community which helps you to score tickets in the future.
Let me know if I can help at all.

Here is a quick 1 min video about sharing your post:

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