Cape Verde Real Estates TV in association with Africa Real Estates TV Show is Africa's first ever real estates television show and will be launching on Sky Channel, online and via 3G technology broadcasting to an ever-growing number of 25 million worldwide dedicated viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online & 4 times a week.


-- Support the promotion and enhancement of the Cape Verde Property Industry!
-- Tap into the Cape Verde property market with specific niche of professionals and business in Africa and the Diaspora.
-- Showcase, interact and deliver your company or organisations commitment to diversity initiatives and partnerships.
-- Position your organisation as innovative and forward thinking in initiatives that support the Cape Verde property industry.
--Use TV programme to launch new products and services.
--Interact face to face with Target clients/ Customers and get instant feedback.
-- Use TV and Website as a Direct Marketing platform to create awareness to the target clients in Africa and the Diaspora.
-- Contribute towards Housing the disadvantaged in our community, by building affordable homes for communities.


To provide access to real estate investment in Cape Verde and Africa, act as a platform for the untapped ethnic minority in the UK, USA and around the world.

To promote both critical thinking and problem solving skills, so that viewers can benefit and apply the principle meaningfully.

To guide purchasing a home or property for investment in Cape Verde and Africa, by educating you to purchase a home or build wealth.

-------------THE PROGRAMME AND AIR TIME-------------
Each programmed will take in-depth look at wide and varied topics.


Viewing will be available free of charge to 25 million digital satellite subscribers and to 700,000 individuals in the UK alone, with reception throughout Europe, Africa, USA and China.

-------------WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS-------------
We invite you to participate in our workshops and seminars, conducted in London and various international locations. Contact us to register your interest in attending or featuring your properties at one if you are a property developer/owner.


Cape Verde Real Estates TV exclusive market is available for your marketing purposes:
- Basic advertising package etc……
- Sponsorship packages entitle sponsors to sponsor our programme in Africa, UK/Europe, USA & Asia to create brand awareness.
- Want to feature property or sponsor a show(s)? Contact or

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