Central Mass Children's Clothing Exchange

CMCCE is currently taking request for new members. New members will be accepted if they live or work within the towns the group covers.

CMCCE serves the following areas:
Southbridge l Sturbridge l Charlton l Fiskdale l Brimfield l Brookfields l Wales l Webster l Oxford l Dudley l Auburn l Leicester l Millbury l Warren l Holland l Douglas l Sutton l Spencer l as well as Thompson l Woodstock l & Putnam CT.

The Central Mass Children's Clothing Exchange is a group where parents can come to give away or sell their *gently* used baby & children items. (Clothing, toys, strollers, even coupons!) You can also come here in search of certain items. Create a post listing what you need & have others comment either willing to donate or sell their items to you at a fraction of what you would pay in the store. This group is great for those with children & those who need to free up some space in their homes by reducing the amount of clothing, baby gear & children's items that they have stored. I hope everyone finds this group useful. Add your local parent friends to the group!

*Children's items ONLY please.

We ask that all members have access to our group area for purpose of transactions. The towns included are listed on the cover photo for the group. If you live in this area, or have work in this area, please feel free to request to join.

*PLEASE also read the group guidelines doc to maintain a friendly selling/swapping atmosphere: https://www.facebook.com/groups/centralmassclothingexchange/doc/371142886297821/

Thank you,
Malory & Cindy