Chihuahua Parents

This group was created for Chihuahua lovers who treat their Chih...uahuas like they would their own children. Please be aware that this is an entry level Holistic group. Please be further aware that this group is founded around a Fifteen (15) Step Plan located in our FILES section right underneath the group photo. This plan is designed to make your dog well, keep your dog well and even double your dog's maximum expected lifespan. However, in order to accomplish this the Plan must be followed to the letter. All members are encouraged to read the Fifteen (15) Step Plan in its entirety. This Plan works! We have testimonials from members who have been using the Plan for more than a year to prove that it works. As such anyone publicly ridiculing any of the steps in the Fifteen (15) Step Plan and/or promoting vaccines, Heartworm preventions, Spot-on Flea treatments, mass neutering and spaying of helpless little animals for prophylactic reasons alone and/or promoting other unnecessary surgeries wherein someone's dog may die from the anesthesia will have their membership deleted without notice. By accepting membership in Chihuahua Parents all members agree to the terms and conditions stated herein above. Chihuahua Parents is a large long running international Chihuahua group that affords an opportunity for everyone to get together and talk about their Chihuahuas and glean information on how to improve their Chihuahua's lives. There are many knowledgeable members in this group who are willing to help other members with their problems. However, because this is a highly active group one's post may become lost among all of the other posts so if this would happen to you please either bump your post up or re-post your question(s) if no one seems to be responding.