Cincy Straddlers

An unofficial group of folks in Cincinnati who read and like to do fun stuff together.

We first started this group when we held our first internet-advertised meetup in February 2014, and immediately decided that this kind of community needed to be a regular thing. We've been building ourselves a little family ever since. We usually have at lease one meet-up or casual hangout each week - this varies, so check the Events tab to see what's on the calendar right now!

We welcome new humans all the time - come out and join us, we're friendly! Just join our group page and then come hang out with us sometime, or post a hello on here. Whether you've been in Cincy your whole life, you've just moved here, or you're just traveling through, we want to love you and have you in our circle. Also, in case you don't read Autostraddle or don't know what it is - you're still very very welcome (and we will set about indoctrinating you into the Straddler world, mwhahaha! ...Jk).

There's a lot more info is on our new-and-in-progress website, If you'd like to be involved with our monthly newsletter, building our website, our activism and volunteering, planning social events, or if you have any questions about who we are and what we do, please email If you're wondering what the group is like, or you're a bit shy and just want to talk someone individually before showing up at a meetup, you can message any of us - but Nancy Yerian, Kayla Jade, and Claire Suer are all particularly happy to chat.

Anyone can plan an event! If you're thinking about hosting a meet-up, this little tutorial made for Autostraddle groups may help you:
And the Cincy Straddlers have already brainstormed a bunch of ideas for what to do at meet-ups in 2016! Under the Files tab on our page, click on "2016 Ideas From Open Forum" and you'll see a list.