COoL giRLs & INNOxENt BoYs

? Welcome To Our Group
?Respect All Members & Admins
? Don't In...sult Each Other
? Nude (Pics,Video,) Are ban !!
?Personal Pic Nd Group Link Sharing not Allowed
?Add Me Posts Not Allowed
?Politcal Posts Not Allowed In Group
? D0nt Personal Attacks And Dont Abuse ANy Cast Country Religious etc
? Cheap Talking In Group Not Allowed
? If Some1 Break Rules Tag Admins
? Spammer+Abusers+Breaker - Ban
?NO Attacks on Political or Religious Figures
?Give Respect Take Respect =
?if anyone unfollow the rules he or she will be ban by Admin
?rules are same for member and Admins if any admin unfollow the rules he or she will also be ban by owner
? Enjoy ur Self
?Batmeezi K Suret Ma Bilkul Chance Nhi Direct Kick
"Thank You so much "
Ali Raza Rajput
Maham Khan
Mehak Pari
Şķy Āŋgēł
Saleem Shah Chuhann
Tanha Wajid
Abdullah Khan
Shekhoo Dany