For all Corvette Fans, Friends and Owners join us to the first Corvette Facebook group with over 20000 Members from all over the World.
Thanks for coming, enjoy it and have great Moments.

Created by Pascal Palm
Luxembourg,December 11, 2010

WARNING: Offensive material and/or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated by the Corvette International Facebook Community and may result in deletion or that member may be permanently blocked from the site.
Corvette International Facebook Community admins will act on posts containing the following content
1.Nude pictures.
2.Posting of messages that are not Corvette related.
3.Rude comments to other users.
4.Sexual oriented pictures / messages that offend males or females.
5.Commercial Material and/or inappropriate posts will not be tolerated.
6. For sale posts are not wanted in this group and will be removed.
7.Posting links to other goups to try and gain members that way (even hidden in picures) will be removed, if reposted we might remove the user too.

We reserve the right to change this list at any time.

NOTE: Mr. Palm Pascal owns the rights to the name "Corvette International Facebook Community" and the logo it represents. No other use in this form, for profit or promotion, is granted without Mr. Palm's express written consent.