Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania - CRCA / DCI Albania

The Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA) is a major child youth rights organisation established in Tirana since 1997. During more than 11 years of work we have established ourselves as one of the major watchdogs and partners of the Albanian government (at national and local level) in terms of influencing policy and legislation, strengthening the capacities of the Governmental staff to work with children, and pressure the Government to respect and improve children’s rights in the country.

We want to make human rights enjoyable by every child, despite of her / his status. Our core values and principles are shared by many other organisations and individuals, who support our work.

CRCA is one of the major organisations of civil society in Albania. We believe that civil society holds a special place between the society and the government and thus our role has been to advocate for the respect of human rights of children and women, minorities and protection of environment.

CRCA lobbies, advocates and speaks on behalf of children and young people. Child and youth participation is one of our core values. We want to see more children and young people being involved in the decision-making process, not only within CRCA, but especially at the level of national and local Government.

As a major child and youth rights organisation in Albania our role is to advocate and promote the respect of children and youth rights. We engage in lobby and advocacy to influence legislation and policies of the Government through a process that provides the necessary tools for young people to have their say in what is good for them and what they expect the Government and society to do on their behalf.

Capacity building, information and education constitute major parts of CRCA Albania work. We believe that through training and information we can bring the people to recognise, respect and work to advance human rights.

Since 2005 we have increased our work in support of most vulnerable groups of society and those seeking to participate in the democratic changes in the country. Special focus has been given to girls and women advancement in political processes, support of the LGBT movement in the country, joining actions in support of organisations working on the rights of disable people etc.

Research is a strong element of CRCA work. During many years of work we have become one of the major research centers in the country concerning children and young people’s rights.

Since our establishment we have establishing and providing society with successful models of services. We will continue to work to establish child and youth friendly social services that Albania lacks.