CSS Islamiat

Rules & Regulations for this group:

1. No advertisement of any... kind is allowed.
2. Subject selection post will be promptly deleted.
3. Any post irrelevant will be deleted without any notice.
4. Any post related to any other subject will be deleted in no time.
5. Abuse language or slander against anyone will not be tolerated.
6. Anyone who posted any irrelevant material will be banned.

I had made this group for myself a year ago, but now em turning it public.. so that aspirants may join this group for proper targeted study. I had copied best material available online in this group without mentioning the contributers sometimes.. because i had previously made it only for myself. Therefore em sorry I cant recall the names of the original contributers.

The idea of maintaining seperate groups for each subject is that there are scores of CSS groups but most of them are inactive or just advertisement places.. I was thinking if we maintain seperate groups for each compulsory subject like English, Pak Affair, EDS, CA and Islamiat. In those groups we can discuss questions related to evry subjects seperately and it will be a form of repository of valuable discussions/comments for every topic of each subject... and it will be very helpful when exams are nearer.. because we will have all data in an organized form.. like MCQs, Paper attempting techniques, outlines of diff. questions etc.
We can discuss questions related to each topics and the way it is asked in papers etc. Because in order to fetch good marks it is important to understand the demand of question and examiner.. Therefore the aim is to make a group devoted for each subject without any irrelevant post.