Gulf Coast Reputable Purebred Dog Breeders

Welcome to Gulf Coast States: Reputable Breeder Mentor & Sale!

*****BREEDERS, please read the breeder rules in the files section above!*****

Anyone is welcome to join, you do not have to be a breeder of any kind. Please read all rules that pertain to you. Breeders, we have strict rules about dogs/puppies being advertised. PLEASE read the rules before posting your dogs for sale. No CKC or unregistered dogs are allowed to be advertised, here.

Any breeder found to be participating in irresponsible practices will be removed.


1. No CKC, unregistered, or other irreputably registered dogs allowed to be advertised. This is mainly a breeder rule, but it is the most violated, so it's also included in the general rules.

2. No namedropping. If you have an issue with another member or breeder, please PM the admin if you feel something needs to be addressed. Don't take it upon yourself to post in this group.

3. Use common courtesy. We're all adults here.

4. Although we all support dog rescue, this group is for reputably bred dogs. Please don't post rescue dogs in need of homes here. We'd be more than happy to direct you to other groups that are designed for rescue animals in need of homes.

5. No animal rights petitions. I'm sorry, entering your name on an online site isn't going to stop China from eating dogs. We don't need to clog the feed with petitions.

6. No free dogs.

7. When commenting on a picture of a dog or puppies, do not just comment "how much?" This is beyond rude. (Yes, puppies and dogs that are for sale do have a price, but breeders want owners that not only care about the price of the dog, but also many other factors in the breeder's program.)

8. Please thoroughly read the breeder's post. If you're seen asking questions that are listed in the original post (price, location, etc), it will be deleted.

9. Do not simply ask "How much?" This is rude, and your post will be deleted. Breeders put a lot of effort in to raising their puppies, and would appreciated a more eloquent inquiry about the puppies price/availability.