Hanif Enterprise

"বিসমিল্লাহির রাহমানির রাহিম"

Starting With The Name Of Almighty Allah,

Welcome to our group "Hanif Enterprise."

This is not official group of Hanif Enterprise. This is a fan group of Hanif Enterprise.

The group is all about Hanif Enterprise and it's buses in all routes. Here we are for providing information regarding the bus, their routes and all informations regarding this. We just try to answer all your queries.

Some rules for members:

1. Do not Copy any picture from this group with out the permission of
the respective owners.

2. If U need any picture for re-post just give the photo credit & give a notice to the author; If the owner of the picture is not found then mention the group name.

3. Political news or promoting any political group is strictly prohibite.

4. Before uploading picture add your logo or name.

5. Do not hurt others feelings intentionally.

6. Give value to others comments & be heard.

7. Respect others & be respected.

8. No personal issues to be brought in during discussions.

9. Maintain the chain of command; Respect elders & love youngers

10. We invite open discussions not open fights.

11. All of us are member including Admins.

12. Disobeying any of the given norms enlisted here or any other full of wrong act shall attract disciplinary action without any notice.

13. Never share Unusual Posts like "Add Me" or "Get Auto Likes And Comments" etc otherwise admins will remove/ban the member.

14. Feel free to contact with the admins regarding any issues.

15. Please Do not add/share any kind of photos like sexual Exclipt.

16. When you become a member of this group, it is also your responsibility to save friendship, brotherhood.

Thanks... :) :)