Hike it Baby Juneau

Change your world one little hike at a time. www.hikeitbaby.com

HIKE IT BABY MISSION: We believe that our world would be a better place if all parents stepped outside at least once a week for a walk in nature with their new baby. It’s Hike it Baby’s goal to support you and your family in doing that. We promise to provide a minimum of ONE HIKE PER WEEK throughout the cities we are located in rain or shine and chances are there will be more.

Hike it Baby is a new Mama (and Dad) group focused on getting women outside and active as quickly as possible.

By joining our community you will:

--greatly minimize the feelings of “baby blues” and post partum depression
--find a new group of friends who will never leave you alone (no mama left behind)
--discover parts of your city you have never seen before!
--help your child understand the importance of nature in his/her life
--find a strength in yourself you never knew you had (hello, you are carrying 10-30 pounds on your back!)

Our number one rule is to LEAVE NO MAMA BEHIND. If you have a blow out, need to nurse, have a fussy toddler, we are here for you. We have all been there or are there now or know it's coming.

Whether you were active before you had your baby or you just feel like it’s time to get out there, we are here to help jumpstart you back on that road to being active in a safe and supportive group. It's also our mission to open you up to a new community of friends who may be your neighbors or live in another city.

Our focus is you, your family and your baby all appreciating and exploring nature with a diverse group of people.

Come and join us for hikes in Juneau. Lead a hike, join a hike, grow a branch!