Hope for Hailey

This group was created for Hailey's supporters, friends and family to keep them up to date with her progress and medical needs.

Hailey was born May of 2007 and suffered from a moderate Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) event due to shoulder dystopia. HIE occurs when the brain is starved of oxygen and brain cells begin to die. Hailey was left with brain damage to both sides of the basal ganglia which resulted in Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. Unlike Spastic CP, Athetoid gives Hailey the inability to control muscle tone and involves involuntary movements. While there is no cure, intensive therapies have made Hailey stronger. Conductive Education has been a life changer for her. So much that we decided to move 16 hours from home to be closer to a center. She also does suit therapy and therapeutic riding.

Hailey's currently in 2nd grade in a integrated setting. She communicates with sign language and a Dynavox V.

Although Hailey has limitations she is a very happy little girl with the brightest smile. She keeps fighting to get stronger realizing her accomplishments. For anyone that knows Hailey knows she loves to be silly and enjoy life like any other girl.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Hailey ❤️