Jolla Pioneer Fans

Jolla Pioneer Fans is a group of enthusiastic, active and passionate users dedicated to the legacy itself. From the Ashes of Maemo and MeeGo rises the most innovative and beautiful company, JOLLA. Please read the rules for the group further down.

JOLLA, based in Finland, is a smartphone company that continues the innovative work of MEEGO started by Nokia & Intel. Eventually turning to Windows Phone, Nokia dropped the support for MeeGo and one of the most innovative smartphones in the world, the Nokia N9, was dead before it came to life. After a few years, the "SAILORS" working on MeeGo started a new smartphone company, JOLLA.

This group is dedicated to support JOLLA in marketing, discussing innovative ideas, and contributing ones' self to innovation and freedom of openness. So Sail on.... 'Coz' there's no limit to Imagination'

Rules for Jolla Pioneer Fans

This group is dedicated to Jolla phones, and other things closely related to SailfishOS, only!

Questions about Nokia software and hardware please go to

Only English language are allowed, for other languages please use private messages.

Mind your manners in the group. Swearing etc. will not be tolerated, posts will be edited/deleted and warnings may be given.

No insults towards other users and no flaming of other members, please do not use this group as a place to annoy offend or provoke any other user.

Religious, political, racial and gender related content that may cause offense are not allowed.

Illegal Content - IE. Warez and Piracy are not allowed, this includes non public Jolla Beta content.

Do not answer "on behalf of Jolla" or try to
represent Jolla in any way. when applicable, state the source of your info.

If someone violates these rules, he/she will be warned and then, if necessary, be suspended from the group!

If you are not sure that it's okay to write your post, do not hesitate to write to an admin and ask.