This page is designed to allow people in the Joplin Missouri area buy, sell and trade things. I don't care how you post your items, how many times you bump them or how you arrange your meet ups. I only have 2 rules ... RULE 1: Don't post SPAM or other crap to this site. We don't give warnings to SPAMMERS we remove and block them when we see it. RULE 2: No links other than FB links are allowed on this page. You may post links for your personal FB photography pages or if you have something other than that which is business oriented. No other websites. No sales of WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCTS via external sites, No PYRAMID SCAMS allowed, ect ... You may post rummage sales & your own items. I have added one other ADMIN to help run this page. You may search for her under Beth Grimes and message either of us if you have questions. WE ALL ARE BUSY PEOPLE and may not see spam right away or have the time to remove it till later in the day. Please just report the spam to FB to allow them to remove it if we don't get to it. Thank you and good luck buying and selling.

Alyssa Elaine